Frequently Asked Questions About Adobe Zii (FAQs)

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If you just read about the awesome tool namedAdobe Zii Patcher but after this, you still have some questions to ask. Then you must check it out this most asked questions list where I have given the answers. You will find your answer there but in case you are unable to find the answer then you can ask me in the comment section. I will be very glad to hear from you and also would love to help you.

What is Adobe Zii Patcher?

Adobe Zii is the patcher tool which is available for the Mac Operating System only. It can activate any version of the Adobe Application just like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc.

Why use Adobe Zii Patcher?

As you know that Adobe is a huge company which sells their products for money. So, if you are using Photoshop or any other app then you are required to pay money to use all its features. In this case, the Zii patcher is the best solution to use those applications totally free of cost.

Is Adobe Zii have a Virus in it?

No, Adobe Zii is the 100% safe tool and it doesn’t contain any type of virus or malware.  So don’t worry about this you can use it without facing any issue.

Where I can download the latest version of Zii?

You can download the latest version of this tool from our website. You don’t need to go anywhere as I always update the link as soon as I find the new version of it.

Will it steal my personal information or files?

No, it will never ever steal your personal files or the information nor it asks you for permission to access your files. If you find any software which asking for file access just delete it because maybe it contains keylogger.

Do I need to pay money to use Adobe Zii?

This is the free tool and it will remain free for the rest of the life so this means that you can use it without paying a penny. Even though you can use this software on as many computers as you want there is no type of restriction.

Can I use this tool in Windows?

Currently, this tool is not supported by the Windows operating system.  But even though there is a tool named AMTEmu which is available for Windows which works the same as the Zii Patcher.

Do I need to turn off my Antivirus?

Yes, you need to turn off your Antivirus tool if you have installed any. This is because these tools are blacklisted by the antivirus tools.

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