How To Install Adobe Zii Patcher

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As we know that Adobe Zii is a free tool that lets you activate Adobe Products free of cost. Now, most people feel a problem when they try to install it on their make. So, if you are also facing such an issue then don’t worry here is the proper guide which you need to follow. Make sure to read each step carefully to avoid making mistake otherwise you may face errors and you may damage the installation files.

How To Install Adobe Zii


So, let’s move to the steps:

Before to go to the installation process we first need to disable the Gatekeeper. This is the tool in macOS that avoids the installation of any third-party developer. It is the reason we need to disable it first otherwise you won’t be able to install it and will face the Unknown Developer issue.

1. First of all, close all the applications if any running in the Background and then close app preferences as well.

2. Now launch the Terminal from the Apps and use this command below:

sudo spctl –master-disable

3. Copy and paste the command and hit enter in Terminal. You will be then asked for the password so enter the password you used and again hit enter.

That’s it Gatekeeper is now disabled and you can then install any software from a third-party developer.

Now you just need to extract the file you downloaded from our website and you will be able to use it. You can use any extractor like PeaZip, 7Zip or any other of your choice.

After this double click on the Zii Patcher icon and it will ask you for permission so click on Allow. Now you will see the menu of Zii and then simply click on Drag/Patch.

When you click on this option you will be asked to enter administrator password so enter that and click on allow. The program will then start searching for any product and check the version installed on your computer.

Within some time the program will find the product and then will activate it in a few seconds. That’s it you have now successfully activated your Adobe Product and then you can use it for the rest of life.

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